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Printech Circuit Laboratories produces specialist circuitry and circuit boards for the space industry .

Nick Potts is the Company Managing Director:

We employ around 35 people in Essex, manufacturing electronic circuitry. We started out making printed circuit boards but today we hand-craft bespoke circuit based components for a wide range of specialist applications. These include flexible and rigid circuitry for spacecraft and circuits for formula 1 racing cars.

What does Printech Make?

What sort of space missions do you work on?

We’ve been working in the space sector for more than 25 years. Our circuit boards are on dozens of space craft, ranging from commercial communications satellites such as Inmartsat 4, to space science missions for ESA and NASA. One of the latest missions is Gaia - European mission that is producing a detailed three-dimensional map our our galaxy. We have also recently started to work on developing new antennas for Cubesats.

How are you expanding the business?

Around half our business is exports and we’re actively trying to get far more international business and expand our client base. There is lots of research and development involved in every project but the key is to be adaptable.

Are you  optimistic for the growth of the UK space sector?

There’s definitely great potential. Space companies needs to talk to each other more to look for new markets. But Cubesats, in particular, provide tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation.

Nick Potts

Missions include ESA’s Gaia space craft, seen here during testing in 2013

Credit: ESA


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